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Yuhang Oil-paper Umbrella

When you think of canal towns in the south of the Yangtze, images of drizzle, wooden boats, and most importantly, oil-paper umbrellas, will appear in your mind. šŸ˜ As a symbol of traditional Chinese crafts, oil-paper umbrellas have a long history, and the umbrellas made in Hangzhou are among the top. The glory and history make the paper umbrella sounds heavy. However, everyone in the Milan Designer Week was amazed at the oil-paper umbrellas designed by Liu and his fellows. The collision between modern ideas and traditional techniques allows their work to yield unusually brilliant artworks. This miracle is not accidental. What theĀ audience does not know is the effort and diligence behind the umbrellas. An enduring umbrella requires not only...

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Brand Story of 'Genshenglanjing'

A simple idea could make vast differences. The brother and sister prove it with their brand, 'Genshenglanjing'. Everything started with a pair of black multi-layer cloth shoes in their grandmother's house. That destined moment recalled their love for traditional Chinese culture and strengthened their entrepreneurial dream. Holding the appreciation of cloth shoes and the faith of inheriting traditional craftsmanship, they create the brand in of the names of their grandparents. We usually have the stereotype that cloth shoes are old-fashioned. To change this idea and bring out products that can fit in modern society, the siblings devoted themselves to creating a new brand that promotes the combination of traditional craft and Chinese fashion style. The background of artistic work allows...

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