From heart to hands, our workshop helps you discover your personal style of art and connect it with your hands.

Soul Art Shop is a leading educator in polymer clay art with more than twenty years' experience. For decades, we believe the finest recipe of art creation consists of not only one's aesthetic sense or the artistry of handwork, but more importantly the connection between the two elements as well. 

This philosophy has essentially become the very foundation when we design our workshops. In addition, we also seek to achieve a tailored balance of these three factors in every workshop we hold, so that you can make the most of the time with us.

How is our workshop organized?

We have developed various forms in teaching polymer clay art, including multimedia presentation, in-person tutoring, onsite practice, instant feedback, etc. Since every workshop we hold is tailored to your level and needs, the composition of each workshop is expected to be different, and may be improvised in order to achieve the best outcome. Generally each workshop runs for 1-2 hours, with all the materials and tools provided.

We accept reservations starting from 5 people, and the maximum capacity of student we recommend for each workshop is 20 people. Please feel free to consult us for special arrangement should your group goes beyond or below the recommended size.  

Who can attend our workshop?

Everyone who is interested in exploring the art of polymer clay is welcomed to attend our workshop. However, we recommend that children under 5 years old are accompanied and supervised by their parents throughout the workshop.

Currently we provide workshop in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we strive to introduce more language options.

Where can you join us?

You can choose to attend our workshop in Hong Kong and Beijing, either at our designated venues or your own place. Details of our venues are as below.

Venue in Beijing: Soul Art Gallery, 33 Mao'er Hutong, Dongcheng District

Venue in Hong Kong: To be confirmed as per reservation.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies in accordance with the size of your group, the location of workshop venue, the date and time of the workshop, and the level of the workshop. In most cases the cost will be below HKD 500 per person per workshop. You can simply request a quotation using the form below.

Thinking to make a reservation, need more information, or got any other inquiries? Please feel free to leave us a message by filling in the form below. We aim to respond to your message within three working days.