Yuhang Oil-paper Umbrella

When you think of canal towns in the south of the Yangtze, images of drizzle, wooden boats, and most importantly, oil-paper umbrellas, will appear in your mind. 😍 As a symbol of traditional Chinese crafts, oil-paper umbrellas have a long history, and the umbrellas made in Hangzhou are among the top. The glory and history make the paper umbrella sounds heavy. However, everyone in the Milan Designer Week was amazed at the oil-paper umbrellas designed by Liu and his fellows. The collision between modern ideas and traditional techniques allows their work to yield unusually brilliant artworks.

This miracle is not accidental. What the audience does not know is the effort and diligence behind the umbrellas. An enduring umbrella requires not only high mechanical skills and top materials but also personal experience. Liu inherits traditional techniques from his grandfather and commits himself to develop creative products that absorb elements from modern fashion.

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With the faith of inserting new energy into Chinese handicrafts, Liu and his friends chose to establish the Paper Umbrella Studio instead of working in skyscrapers like most of the youngsters in China. 👍 They own an exhibition hall of Yuhang oil-paper umbrellas for producing, customer experiencing and showing products. The promotion of the idea that everyone could make a paper-umbrella and everyone should involve in inheriting such techniques attracts lots of clients, especially children that need art enlightenment education.

(lectures of umbrella-making for children)

Handmaking is the source of happiness for the designers. Every product is their child. They would like to spread the spirit and sincere to others through paper-umbrellas. They are finding more people to join their career and unite to bring the oil-paper umbrellas back to the public's view again. They believe that the spread of skills from generation to generation is the connection between the hand and the heart, exuding feelings and vitality.😊

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