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Layered Cloth Tiger

Layered Cloth Tiger

$128.00 HKD


The Cloth Tiger is a traditional Chinese toy with a long history. Being the king of animals, the Tiger is believed to have the ability to ward off evil spirits therefore protecting our family and homestead. In old times, new born babies caught illness easily, and it was believed to be caused by the presence of evil spirits. So families would give their newborns hats, shoes or plush toys adorned with Tigers.

The cloth tiger plushie is very popular and you can find many different styles across China. However despite the many variations they all share common features such as big eyes and glaring teeth, as these characterise its intended ferocity. Another “trademark feature” is the striped marking upon their forehead which resembles the Chinese character for ‘King’. This cloth tiger not only has a cute face but also carries a kindhearted wish to protect your family.




–  80mm x 65mm x 95mm 

–  40g*


Product Care

Avoid placing in direct sunlight for a long period of time – unless you want a worn out, vintage look!

Tips: Clean with a soft bristle brush or lint roller. No water wash.

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