What is the material?


Polymer clay is a type of modelling compound belonging to a class of polymer polyvinyl chloride(PVC). Once it is warmed via kneading to an adequate temperature, it becomes immensely malleable and can be formed into any shape imaginable - from adorable dolls and sculptures to elegant beads and jewellery. In their original form they are coloured but you can also mix the clays to create a new palette for your original artworks. Once the clay is baked to a high temperature, it sets into a permanent solid. As long as it is placed away from direct sunlight and gently cleaned with water, it remains durable and lasting.

Polymer clay was invented in Germany during the late 1930s. By the 1990s, it became prevalent worldwide as an art creation material. It was also then our founding artist Ms Zhao Chunxiang first engaged in this material. Since 1999, Ms Zhao has committed to the study of polymer clay and developed her teaching method of “Eco-art Polymer Clay Education” to share its beauty with others. She believes that polymer clay is more than a mere art material, that fully immersing oneself in polymer crafting is a way to let our limitless creativity flow, and through balancing the movement of our hands, we are able to explore a way to our soul and achieve inner harmony which will then carry its way into our daily lives.