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Oil-Paper Parasol

Oil-Paper Parasol

$520.00 HKD


Oiled-paper parasol has been existed in the Chinese history for a long time and is regarded as Intangible Cultural Heritage. These parasols are handmade from Chinese traditional techniques. It features the hand-printed dragon and phoenix pattern and amazing thread net outside the stent. Besides decorative purposes, these parasols are also built for outside use! Hold these on any rainy day, the Dragon King who oversees the rain and wind will grant you luckiness.  



- Diameter: 50cm
- Length (tip to end of handle): 40cm
- 140g*

- Diameter: 80cm
- Length (tip to end of handle): 56cm
- 360g*

- Diameter: 100cm
- Length (tip to end of handle): 68cm
- 500g* 

- Diameter: 120cm
- Length (tip to end of handle): 82cm
- 900g*

**Please note that supporting structures of parasols are made of wooden materials. Some countries (e.g. Australia and Canada) may have restrictions on importing wooden products and run the risk of being rejected at custom. A kind reminder for all customers to check import regulations before ordering. 

*All our products are exquisitely handmade, one piece at a time, therefore each one is unique.

The images, descriptions and measurements you will find on our site have been used to most accurately and portray the products we sell. We must advise that although we try our utmost to remain completely honest, the slight variation in appearance and dimension of our products means that they are never identical, this is an inherent feature due to its handmade properties. Hence, the unique nature of each individual product.

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