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Multilayer Sole Shoes

Multilayer Sole Shoes

$450.00 HKD


The multilayer sole shoes are evolved from sewn sole shoes in the Qing dynasty. They are handmade of more than two thousand stitches and a hundred processes. With multiple layers, the shoes are comfortable, light, environmental-friendly, and perfect for heat releasing in summer as well as keeping warm in winter. Combining traditional and modern design, the craft of multilayer sole shoes emphasizes the pursuit of aesthetics and has been listed on China's Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

*Pre-order is needed. We will start stitching after you order. Owing to a set of strict procedures, it would take around one month to complete an order. Please be patient and look forward to our wholehearted works!

*Due to the wide range of shoe colors and patterns, please inform us about your preferred design before making any order. We can be reached via




Phone: 28577786 (Store Open Hour: 12:00pm - 8:00pm)