Workshop for Kids

Workshop for Kids

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  • HK$1,500 (one-time payment) per person


  • 5 classes of practising and creating in workshop (1.5 hr/class)
  • All required polymer clay materials, tools, baking etc.


Course Content:

  • Basic polymer clay knowledge, meditation practise methods
  • 2-4 people per class (participants has to find a partner themselves)

Course Details:

  • The schedule of courses is flexible, students can directly book with our instructor Siqiu by whatsapp (+852 51294354).
  • Kids are guided with some explanations, and encouraged try to feel the coordination between their breath, hands movements and mind status.
  • We aim at developing kids’ creativity as well as their imagination, hence, we will not ask them to make specific things in which may limit their creativity.
  • In addition, we also hope that the kids can realise the peace of mind, dialogue with themselves and with their clay works throughout the process, in order to better manage their emotions, mind and body balance and improve their concentration and patience. This is the key to make a beautiful artwork.

* Suggesting age for application: 4 yr-old or above (not necessarily as long as the kid has good ability of communication)

* Trial: Every new participant has one chance for trial at HK$300 for one lesson (1.5hr)