Workshop for Adults - Flower Cane Basic

Workshop for Adults - Flower Cane Basic

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Adults Apprenticeship Course - Flower Cane Basic



  • HK$1,700 (one-time payment)


  • 8-hour of practising and making in workshop
  • All required polymer clay materials, tools, baking, and some free accessories can be used to make jewelries, photo frames, brooches, hairpins memo pads, fridge magnets etc.
  • More chargeable accessories are also available and can be purchased voluntarily.

Course Content:

  • Basic polymer clay knowledge, meditation practise methods
  • 6 basic flower patterns: circle, grid, swirl, five-petal flower, sunflower, leaf
  • Single person can apply for the course
  • Maximum of 2 persons per class

Course Details:

  • The schedule of courses is flexible, students can directly book with our instructor Siqiu by whatsapp (+852 51294354).
  • Minimum time of each booking is 1 hr (with 30 mins of follow-up).
  • This course includes mentor’s teaching session and self-creating session.
  • During the self-creating session, the mentor will also answer questions and provide guidance for students.
  • Since the difficulty of making and application for each flower pattern is different, students can arrange time for each course according to their own needs.
  • Those selected flower patterns are representative in making polymer clay artworks, students can hence utilise the technique learnt to make a lot more other patterns.
  • We aim at providing a self-exploration process, every thought that comes out from our mind will have impact on our works.
  • In addition, we also hope that students can realise the peace of mind, dialogue with themselves and with their clay works throughout the process, in order to better manage their emotions, mind and body balance. This is the key to make a beautiful artwork .

* Since each person has his/her own learning uniqueness, if the student did not complete all learning within 8 hours, he/she can choose to purchase the top-up class at HK$250 per hour until all learning is completed.

* No trial for this course.