Who is our founder, Ms Zhao Chunxiang?


Ms Zhao started her career as a preschool educator. However, being a constant handicraft enthusiast, she began to integrate crafting into her education and introduced drawing, paper cutting and plastic film to teach. However, she could not find a profoundly desirable material. For childhood education purposes, the material needed to be colorful, flexible and convenient while the finished work also needed to be satisfying and durable. On her untiring and persistent search, she finally encountered the material known as polymer clay during a visit to Beijing.

Thusly, Ms Zhao pursued a new career at a polymer clay cultural start-up company. Although her then age of 32 did not meet the requirement, she insisted and chose to work for two months without pay. She devoted relentless hours, delving into the research and practice to become proficient in this material, and proposed the idea of a polymer clay workshop. Her senior, being touched by her enthusiasm, ultimately approved her idea. By over half a year, Ms Zhao visited up to twenty schools from Haidian to Xicheng District in Beijing to spread eco-art polymer clay education. She later returned to her hometown Jinzhou, to open up her first store known as Soul Art Shop to sell her own original artworks.

In the following years, Ms Zhao‘s passion for this art form made her explore every avenue of polymer clay through relentless learning and teaching, and her effort had ultimately come to fruit. By 2011, She established Chunxiang Beijing Eco-culture as an art director. And within another two years, she also developed “The Apprentice Group”, devoting her life to training her own team toward the creation of original polymer clay works of art.

Ms Zhao has contributed her life to eco-art education and meditation through the practice of ’balanced movement of hands‘. She is an ardent believer that polymer clay crafting is just a miniature of our life. We need to adjust our breathing rate, control our movement wholeheartedly and be fully present in the moment. Bringing this demeanor into our life is a way to live artistically and see the growth of our souls deepening. After all, life can never be separated from art, education and our daily businesses. Striking a balance between all its elements are to understand the meaning of life and develop our human potential to the fullest.