What is Soul Art Shop?



Founded in 1999, Soul Art Shop core philosophy is about encouraging others to live artistically while letting art itself immerse in lives. Our brand sells handmade polymer clay figurines and jewellery that contain both traditional and modern elements based in Chinese culture. We hope that with the spirit of the creators, our creations can help people to realize their own innate tranquility and inspire them to be mindful in daily life. We also hold polymer clay workshops to allow customers to experience the process of crafts and achieving harmony in both mind and body.

Currently, we have three Soul Art Shop branches: two in Beijing and one in Hong Kong. These retail stores not only sell our original polymer clay works, but also act as art showrooms and places of serenity for customers to bond and connect. In addition, we have a Soul Art Gallery at Mao’er Hutong in Dong Cheng District of Beijing. It is a courtyard where our works are displayed. Polymer clay DIY activities are held there by our teachers, with the aim to incorporate art and education under the concept of “Crafting for kindness while being kind when crafting”.